About Me

this is who I am

Interfacing with many different types of people is exciting to me and provides opportunities for me to help you develop and implement a working and/or living environment that is comfortable, easy to use, and pleasing.

I enjoy working with people in an effort to understand what they like and dislike within an environment. It is a pleasing challenge to use existing personal treasures be it furniture, pictures, photos or accessories, new and used items and corresponding colors and spaces to achieve an environment that is representative of them.

These skill sets allow me to use my knowledge of space, color, and proportions in decorating homes and offices.

My strengths lie in my ability to communicate with many types of people and to know what questions to ask and what information is necessary to understand them sufficiently to be able to offer my consulting services in decorating.

My principle focus throughout an engagement is on the client and what they want. Through discussions I am able to understand their underlying concerns as well as their specific requirements. I have an open pallet in determining ways of sourcing furniture, fabrics, accessories.

I am particularly suited to offer you a complete decorating experience that we share as I act as your consultant, counselor, and advocate with the decorating community.

My Desire

this is what I do

My desire is to work with people to create an atmosphere in their home or in their office that is pleasing to them.

My desire is to gain an understanding of people by asking questions of their likes and dislikes, their needs, their expectations and their wishes.

My desire is to incorporate family heirlooms or treasures that are meaningful and precious giving a unique perspective to a space.

My desire is to serve each person thoughtfully, purposefully, and dutifully with respect and dignity.


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